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Reliable Electric Bicycle Batteries

Greenlance believes that electric bicycle riders deserve reliable and safe batteries. Hence, we're diligently collaborating with our teams to ensure our batteries remain fault-free. We're so confident in our products that we offer a comprehensive 2-year warranty to guarantee their quality and your peace of mind.


Excellence At Every Step

At Greenlance, our mission is to lead the electric biking industry with innovative solutions that enhance riders' experiences. We strive to provide cutting-edge, reliable products such as high-performance batteries to ensure safety, empower adventure, and redefine the joy of cycling worldwide.


Meet the people behind Greenlance

Collectively, we've established a company that individuals and organisations trust as their primary destination for electric bicycle and lithium-ion robotic batteries. From product development to customer experience, our dedicated team forms the backbone of our thriving ecosystem.

CEO's are the heart of a company

Chris (left) and Vladimir (right) founded Greenlance on a sunny day in September of 2021!

At the heart of Greenlance lies the spirit of Vladimir and Chris, pioneers fueled by innovation, united by purpose, and steadfast in their commitment to driving positive change in the world of electric transportation. Their collaborative ethos continues to steer Greenlance toward pioneering advancements, setting new standards for eco-friendly battery solutions and propelling individuals and organisations towards a greener, more sustainable future.


Vlad,  with an inherent knack for business strategy and a fervor for market trends, complemented the duo with his acumen in market analysis and customer-centric approach. His strategic insights and dedication to fostering client relationships positioned Greenlance as a trusted destination for eco-friendly battery solutions.


Chris, driven by an unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability, coupled with an insatiable curiosity for cutting-edge technology, brought a wealth of innovation and foresight to the table. His penchant for intricate design and astute engineering laid the foundation for Greenlance's ground breaking electric bike battery solutions.

HOW Electric Bike Batteries are MADE 

By Hand With Lots Of Passion

Everything we make and sell is built to last by our manufacturing team. Our batteries are robotically built, and assembled & tested to ensure that it meets and passes all of legislations and laws.


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