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Affordable & Quality Electric Bike Battery

When buying an E-bike battery for your electric bike for reliability and quality assurance look no further than Greenlance. Greenlance Company, are an avid believer in reducing the carbon footprint with its innovative approach.

As one of the first E-bike battery companies to offer recycling of a battery, whilst resolving environmental issues. With every battery order in conjunction with Ecology, we plant a tree, this strategy enables us to give back to the environment.

We strongly believe the current transport systems both in the UK & Europe are outdated. The future will be electric battery-operated forms of transport.

Do your bit to help the environment and order a battery pack to operate your bicycle today.

Greenlance Battery Products

All electric batteries we sell are Lithium-ion batteries, using high-quality cells to provide excellent performance, efficiency and safety.

What's Included with Our Branded Electric Bike Batteries as Standard

  • 2 A Standard Battery Charger

  • Anti-Theft Lock with Keys to secure your battery

  • Battery Fixing Plate to secure the battery to the frame of the cycle

Our range of E-Bike Batteries

  • E-bike Battery 48V 10AH Electric Bike Battery Pack for 250-1000W

  • E-bike Battery 48V 13AH Electric Bike Battery Pack for 250-1000W

  • E-bike Battery 48V 17AH Electric Bike Battery Pack for 250-1000W

  • E-bike Battery 48V 20AH Electric Bike Battery Pack for 250-1000W

Extended Warranty for your Battery

All our batteries and products come with a 12-month warranty. An extra 6 months of battery warranty coverage can be purchased for a low price of £19.99 at the time of purchase.

Optional E-bike Fast Battery Charger

Our Greenlance optional 5A fast charger can charge a battery 2.5 times faster than our standard charger. A must-have product if you want to spend more time out on your electric bike

The Difference between Electric Bike Battery 36v & 48v Electric Bike Battery

With a 48v Electric Bike Battery fitted to your E-bike, you will be able to go faster and for longer.

As an example of the different Ebike batteries, see below.

A 36v Lithium-Ion Battery allows on average travel up to 16 miles (25km)

A 48v Lithium-Ion Battery, allow for travel up to 25 miles (40km)

For greater range and speed, we recommend a 48v E-bike battery. If you need a faster battery charging capability, check out our branded 5A fast charger. Ideal for quick battery charges.

We Recycle Ebike Batteries

All Lithium-ion batteries consist of highly valuable materials, we make it our goal to recycle and reuse them. At Greenlance, we hold a UN38.3 licence which allows us to safely store and transport Lithium-Ion batteries.

Greenlance Branded Batteries Recycled for Free

For our customers, we offer free recycling of our branded batteries.

Recycling Other Lithium-ion Batteries

We charge a low fee of £10 to recycle other branded Lithium-ion batteries

Convert a Conventional Pedal Bike to an Ebike

At Greenlance, we can convert most conventional bikes to E-bike. Our custom E-bike conversions use our branded Greenlance electric bike batteries. We do the conversion by installing an electric motor and lithium-ion battery to power the bicycle.

Converting a Normal Bicycle to Battery Powered

Firstly, the bicycle has to have a suitable frame to fit a battery. If the frame is not suitable you can use a fitted back rack to hold the battery.

For stability, we recommend the fitting of a rear hub motor, which is better for power deliverance. The power controller will be fitted in a suitable position on the bicycle frame.

You are now the proud owner of an electric bike

Benefits of Owning Battery-Powered Ebikes

There are many benefits of owning bicycles with battery power. Below we have listed a few benefits to whet your appetite and encourage you to become an E-bike owner.

  1. Zero emissions mean you are helping the environment

  2. With fuel and parking costs on the rise, riding an electric bike is quicker and cheaper. Perfect for beating congested roads.

  3. An electric bike runs quietly, letting you as a rider enjoy the surroundings

  4. Any type of cycling is better for mental health. Our battery-powered bicycles relieve anxiety and stress and deliver a better alternative to exercising in a gym

  5. The extra power assistance from a battery puts less strain on muscles, especially when going up hills

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