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What is the Best Electric Bike Battery for an Electric Bike?

Quality Ebike Battery to Power your Electric Bike

If you own an electric bike, you're going to want to be using the best electric bike battery right? With so many bike batteries in the world's marketplace, which battery do you choose? When you are purchasing a battery for your electric bike, you will want a lithium battery with a good range. So when it comes to reliability & efficiency, the best lithium batteries for bikes come from a leading UK Ebike battery Company called Greenlance.

Greenlance, as an Ebike Battery Company why are we different?

At Greenlance, we are renowned for the quality of our electric bike batteries. We are also renowned for our stance on helping to make our world a greener place.

We Recycle Lithium Electric Bike Batteries

We are the only company in the lithium battery industry that not only produce lithium batteries, we also recycle them too. Solving major environmental issues such as safe disposal and recycling of lithium batteries also helps with the promotion and use of an Ebike.

We promote the use of Electric Bikes

Electric bike sales are most definitely on the increase as more people see the benefits of electric bikes. Owing and riding a bicycle has been a popular way to keep fit and get some exercise. Bicycles are a great way to get around in flat areas, turn that into an electric bicycle and life just got easier.

You Purchase an Electric Bike Battery. We plant a tree

With every order placed on our website, to give back to our environment, we plant a tree. Currently, we have planted 222 trees, with that number forever increasing.

Each tree is hand-planted in countries such as Mozambique, Madagascar or Nicaragua in conjunction with our partners Ecologi.

Power-Assisted Electric Bike

With an e-bike, you can still get exercise by using pedal power, but what is cool is when the going does get a bit tough or you're getting tired, the electric bike battery gives your legs a rest and you benefit from the battery power assistance.

Whatever your style of riding a bike and for whatever reason you ride a bike. There is an Ebike for everyone. Whether you are commuting to work, riding in the countryside or around the city. We have the best electric bike battery, ensuring reliability, and giving e-bikes long range without needing to charge.

Check Out our Range of Ebike Products

See below for an electric bike battery, a faster battery charger and lithium battery recycling offers. All are available to order directly in our online shop.

Greenlance Electric Bike Batteries

We have the choice of 5 different batteries to choose from on our website. Each battery has a different AH (ampere-hours) which measures the power of each battery.

If you need more information on which battery is right for your e-bike, please get in touch with us. We are a friendly team and will be more than willing to offer help and advice.

Electric Bike Accessories

With our tried and tested charger, (54.6V 5A e-bike Ion Battery Fast Charger) the 5A output charges a battery at twice the speed of a normal charger.

Only two hours of battery charging will enable you to travel twice the distance in one day. For more information check out our website.

Electric Bike Battery Recycling

Our Ebike recycling is a non-profit making project. It's all part of our service and our way of helping make our planet a greener place to live.

How does lithium battery recycling work?

  • All lithium batteries purchased from our online shop we recycle completely free of charge

  • For other branded lithium batteries there is a small £10 charge on each battery

Advantages of Lithium Battery Recycling

  • Conserves natural resources by reducing the need for virgin material to produce a new battery

  • Reduction of battery waste which is normally sent to landfills

  • We ensure every battery is handled safely

  • A recycled battery gets a new life

  • You are helping the environment by recycling a battery

As e-bikes become more popular, it's estimated up to 12 million batteries will need to be recycled. If you have an old battery, then please send it directly to Greenlance for recycling.