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Affordable & Reliable Lithium-Ion Batteries for Electric Bikes

When choosing an electric bike battery you need to be looking at a few things. Battery size, power and distance the battery will cover before having to recharge.

Why Ebikes are Becoming More Popular

Our world is in desperate need of commuter-friendly forms of transport. Along with e-cars, e-bikes are becoming a popular mode of transport from getting from point A to point B.

E-bikes are perfect for people trying to get fit, cycle up hills and travel longer distances without getting tired. These power-assisted cycles are so much better for the environment. Not only reducing the carbon footprint but saving on forever increasing fuel costs.

Range Optimising Electric Bike Batteries

A lithium-ion battery can be more costly than other Ebike batteries, but powering your electric bicycle, they have to be your first choice.

Tips & Tricks

  • Correct gear shifting will make an e-bike more efficient

  • Keep the tyres on your e-bike inflated to the recommended pressure. This will reduce drag and maximise the distance you can cover

  • Try to minimise the amount of weight you carry on your e-bike.

  • Try to regulate starting, stopping and accelerating, by keeping a constant speed that enables longer distances.

Correct care and handling will increase the service life of our power packs. Cleaning with a damp cloth is recommended, never jet wash or use a high-pressure hose to clean.

Travel Further on an Electric Bike with a Greenlance Electric Bike Battery

So which battery to choose for your electric bike 36v 48v? We at Greenlance have a firm belief in a 48v battery for an electric bicycle. Comparing the two a 48v battery packs more power and is suitable for all environments, including hilly areas.

Advantages of a 48v Lithium Battery

  • An electric bike battery 36v will drain quicker than a 48v

  • 48v lithium batteries ensure more power, enabling further distance to be covered before recharging

  • Perfect for all terrains, whether flat urban or hilly terrains, giving the bike user more options.

Greenlance Battery Products

We offer a quality selection of 4 different types of batteries for bikes

  • 48v 10AH for 250 to 1000w

  • 48v 13AH for 250 to 1000w

  • 48v 17AH for 250 to 1000w

  • 48v 20AH for 250 to 1000w

These can be fit onto a bike frame as long as the frame is strong enough, another option is a back rack battery holder. These racks sit above the back wheel and offer more protection from splashes of water.

Fast Charger

If you want a quick charge option then take a look at our Greenlance 54.6v 5a battery fast chargers. The 5A allows for more than twice the charging time of a conventional type.

If have a powered battery bike and you want to be off cycling as soon as possible our fast-charging solution will be perfect.

Stylish Bicycle Key Chain for Electric Bikes

Never misplace or lose your keys again with our stylish key chain. With its sleek design and shiny metal finish, it makes for a perfect accessory.

Electric Bike Battery Recycling

For battery refurbishment or battery recycling, Greenlance offers a second life with its recycling solutions for all batteries.

Any battery which has been purchased directly from Greenlance will be recycled for free, for any other types there is a small and affordable charge of £10.

By using our recycling service you're helping the planet, as a company, Greenlance does not profit from recycling we are committed to doing our bit for the environment.

Why Choose Greenlance to Supply your Ebike battery

  • Safe and Environmentally Friendly

  • We aim to target climate change, whilst offering sustainable solutions

  • Outstanding customer service & 100% first-rate goods

  • We plant a tree for each order we receive, we are committed to giving back to the environment.

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