Electric Bike conversion kit 1000Watts and 250Watts

Converting your normal bicycle into an electric bike

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Electric bike conversion kits

What is electric bike conversion kit:

An ebike conversion kit is great way to electrify your journeys by simply converting your normal bicycle into an electric one. This is done by installing electric motor and lithium-ion battery onto a conventional bicycle frame which allows the electric motor to power and support people while peddling.

Ebike conversion kit components:

The conversion kit includes electric bike motor with different Watt power (the higher the watts the faster the speed) that is installed onto the rear or front wheel. Its power is controlled by a throttle or thumb throttle installed on the bar which send signals to a controller that controls the electric motor.

It can also include a display that attaches to the bar to show how much energy is left in the battery and what distance you can travel before recharging. Peddling assist is included in the kit to support your

The conversion kits exist in the following designs:

  • rear or front hub motor
  • Mid-Drive motor

How to convert your bicycle into an electric one?

Knowing the components of electric bike conversion kit, we can start designing your Electric conversion

To convert your normal bicycle into an electric you would need a normal bicycle with suitable frame yo be able to fit the battery. Otherwise you can use external rack above the back wheel and install the battery there.

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Using rear hub motor is the best probable decision, despite it being more expensive by a bit. This will provide best results in terms of power and stability of the bicycle.

Now the rear hub motor would replace the back wheel and the battery would be installed on the frame or the additional rack, leaving the last part of controller connection and fitting somewhere on the frame. Connecting the wires on your controller is fairly easy as the manufacturer must include a written guidance and the wires are wrapped on different connectors to differentiate from others.

Finally your Electric bicycle should like like this:

Electric bike with conversion kit and ebike battery pack 48V 13AH

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