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What is Electric Bike Battery:

The electric bike battery is manufacturer using lithium-ion batteries 18650 or 21700, connected in series or parallel to create the needed voltage and Amp Hours.

lithium-ion battery cells 18650 vs 21700 size and benefits

What is Voltage and Amps Hours?

The voltage of a battery indicates the start and maximum power of a battery. Understanding this, we can guess that the AMP hours or AH is the capacity of the electric bike battery. This means that the higher AH (amp hour) the E Bike battery has, the higher range it will be able to achieve.

An Electric Bike Battery 48v 13AH would have 48V x 13AH = 624 Watts Hours (power). A 250Watts electric bicycle rear hub motor would be able to get 40+ miles on each charge, depending on the weight over the bicycle, wind, incline percentage and many more factors. But to keep the calculation simple 250Watts motor using the power of 48V Ebike battery with the capacity of 13AH (amp Hours) would give you 40+ miles or 64 Kilometres.

Lithium ion battery cells:

The lithium-ion cells are chosen as a best option to manufacture and electric bike battery due to the lighter material and better composition:

Lithium-ion Cells composition: Lithium Cobalt Oxide, Nickel Manganese Cobalt, Lithium Iron Phosphate. There materials ensure that a specific energy requirement is met so it:

  • Impacts the range of the battery,
  • Provides Specific power so it is easily handling obstacles like uphill.
  • Ensures Safety

What is the lifespan of an Electric Bike Battery?

An E-Bike battery decay as a function of time within a charged state. What this means is that even when not being used, electric bike batteries would eventually reduce their capacity.

To easily understand this here is the following story:

  • George buys a 250 Watts electric bike conversion kit and installs Greenlance Electric Bike Battery 48V 13AH. He converts his conventional bicycle into an electric one and uses it for a week while charging it 2 times. A rainy season starts and George puts the bicycles in his garage
  • 365 Days later George finds that the bicycle Is still in the garage and decides to take it for a cycling session around the local park. However, as the battery was fully charged, now the capacity of the battery has dropped to 80%. This means that now George would be able to cover 20% less range with his bicycle.


Lithium-ion Battery packs have different lifespan, depending on the quality of the cells used and some internal factors such as:

  • Charging rate (How fast or slow the battery is charged)
  • Depth of the discharge (What depth is the battery discharged to
  • Charging voltage (What voltage is the battery charged to)
  • Environmental conditions (temperature during charging and discharging)

Lithium-ion Battery cells manufacturers:

Samsung, Panasonic, LG have good reputation of great cells quality due to their high charging cycle rate. There lithium ion battery cells have around 1000 charging cycles where the Chinese Premium quality ensures 850+ cycles.

This means that if George is charging his bicycle every day and using one of the Greenlance Electric Bicycle battery packs he would be able to drive his bicycle with the same battery pack for approximately three years.

Electric bike battery replacement:

Replacing your electric bike battery is a simple process where you must ensure that you are checking 3 important details.

  • Voltage
  • Connectors of the frame
  • Size

If you are using 250 Watts electric bike motor with 48Volts, it is preferably to get an 48Volts battery, same goes for 36 and 52 or 72 Volts.

Greenlance Electric Bike batteries are using 4 pin connectors same as the picture!

If more range is needed, therefore higher AH (amp hour) battery would be needed. Here you can find out about our collection for different ranges.

The electric bike battery price would different by the voltage and the AH of the battery. The type of cells also differs the price. Explore Greenlance electric bike battery collection to match your needs!

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