Electric bike conversion kit uk with battery

Electric bike conversion types

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What is electric bike conversion

Types of electric bike conversion:

The conversion electric bike is a great way to get a bike that you can use without the need for gas or any other fuel.

There are many different types of electric bikes; some are built for speed while others are built for comfort.

The conversion electric bike is perfect for those who want to be able to ride their bicycle but don't want the hassle of having it rely on fuel.

It can be done in two ways:

E-Bike – Hub Motor

Hub-driven ebikes are some of the most popular types of ebikes. They have a motor that is mounted in the wheel hub, which is a very convenient place to put it. The motor can be positioned on either the front or rear wheel, and it can be mounted in any number of ways. The motor is mounted on the frame and provides propulsion by spinning the tire on which it is mounted.

Hub motors are an efficient way of powering bicycles. It has a number of advantages over the traditional bicycle hub.

The hub motor is a more efficient way to power bicycles over the traditional bicycle hub. It has several advantages such as:

- Lower weight than the standard hub

- Higher efficiency than the standard hub

- More torque than the standard hub

- Quieter than the standard hub


E-Bike – Rear-Hub Motor

The rear-hub motor is one of the most common types of electric bike motors. It sits on the back wheel and creates forces that act on it. This type of electric bike motor is often used for commuter bikes and cargo bikes because it is lightweight, compact and generates less noise than other types of motors.

Advantages of Rear-Hub Motor

  • The rear-hub motor is a great alternative to the Hub-motor. It takes stress off the chain, thus causing less wear and tear
  • Rear-hub motors are usually very quiet, which is great for those who value peace and quiet in their commutes.

Rear-hub drives are mainly used on flat to undulating and slightly hilly terrain. That’s where the rear-hub motor unleashes its full potential and where it provides strong propulsion.

Electric bike conversion UK:

Greenlance is a company that converts bikes to electric bikes. They are based in the UK and they offer custom electric bike conversion services to people who want to convert their bike into an electric bike.

Greenlance converts your existing bicycle into a powerful, high-performance, and low-maintenance electric bicycle. They apply their expertise in engineering, design, and manufacturing to produce a product that is durable, reliable, and efficient.



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