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Electric Bike Conversion UK

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Greenlance is an E-BIKE battery supplier in the UK and recently started converting bicycles into Electric Bikes. We want to provide every individual the opportunity to have an E-Bike by converting an ordinary bicycle into an E-BIKE, there are a lot of already-built bikes sold by companies but those can be really expensive, our conversion prices start from as low as £699.99.

The E-bike battery and the controller are also important in converting a bicycle into an e-bike, the controller takes care of how much power goes to the motor.


Here are some of the components which we use for our conversion service:

Greenlance E-BIKE Battery is a high-quality battery that is made with leading technologies. Our batteries come with 48 Voltage and with different AMPs, starting from 10AH, 13AH, 17AH, and 20AH, which will significantly improve your electric bike's performance. We will use the battery that meets the consumer’s request the most, depending on the way that the bike will be used.

Greenlance Ebike Battery with USB cable made from lithium ion batteries 18650 Class A++

The Bafang E-bike motor is a popular choice among cyclists due to its efficiency, power, and ease of use. We use Bafang mid-driver motors and rear hub motors for our conversion kits. A 250W motor is our on-the-go choice for most bicycle conversions as anything beyond that would need to be registered.


Bafang Electric Bike Mid Drive Motor

An electric bike controller is a crucial component that connects all the electrical parts on the bike in one place. We usually use 48V controllers, depending on the type of battery that the customer chooses.

If you would like to have your bicycle converted using a different type of battery, motor or controller, then Greenlance can meet your needs and find suitable components within our network of professional partners.

The conversation can take up to two weeks, depending on many different factors!


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