Greenlance Lithium-ion battery specialised company 1st Anniversary.

Greenlance 1st Anniversary

Greenlance Limited
What did we accomplish in the last year?

Greenlance planted 120+ trees
With the help of our customers and Ecologi, Greenlance managed to plant over 120 trees in Madagascar, Tanzania, Kenya, and Mozambique. By planting trees Greenlance is giving back to the environment by reducing Greenhouse gases, reducing Soil Erosion, and preventing water pollution. We will continue to work with Ecologi and the Eden Reforestation Project to create a sustainable environment for our children.

Product Expansion
Greenlance has expanded the range of batteries from 48V (10AH to 17AH), keep an eye out for our limited edition 48V 20AH coming out soon. We introduced the 5A charger so that our customers can charge their batteries at a much higher pace. Greenlance will keep expanding its products so that we can meet every individual needs.
Free Bicycle Check
We have partnered with bicycle shops around London to offer our customers free bicycle checks, this has allowed us to expand our services, Bicycle shops in and around London, do not hesitate to contact us to join our Free Bicycle Check program.
Battery Recycling
Greenlance partnered with Cawley’s back in June of 2022, we became the first electric bicycle battery company in the UK to complete its supply chain by taking care of the afterlife of an E-Bike battery, you can now recycle your old battery with us and receive 20% off for your new one.
Customer Service
We introduced our 24/7 customer service, allowing our customers to get their questions answered and provide them solutions to their issues. We believe that we offer 5-star customer service, however, we are always looking for new ways to upgrade our customer service.

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