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How long does it take to charge an E-bike Battery

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Charging an E-bike Battery

Charging an e-bike battery is a straightforward process. This article will explore the various factors that affect the charging time and provide some general guidelines on how long it takes to charge an e-bike battery.

The charging time of an electric bike battery is determined by the amp charger that you are using. If you have a bigger amp charger, the charging time reduces dramatically.


Amp chargers are rated in amps and they determine how much electricity goes into the battery. The higher the amps rating, the more electricity will go into the battery, and hence, it will take less time to charge it up.

It is important to note that charging times vary depending on the type of charger you are using, as well as the size and capacity of your battery. The most common type of charger is a 2A charger, which can charge our 13Ah battery in around 6.5 hours, while the 10Ah battery gets charged in around 5 hours


At Greenlance we want our customers to be able to charge their E-Bike batteries in no time, this is why we are launching our 5A chargers in the upcoming weeks, which will help you charge your 13Ah battery in 2.5 hours.


Also look out for our new 48V 17Ah battery lunching also in the upcoming weeks, using the 5A charger you will be able to charge your battery in 3 hours, compared to 7.5 hours with the 2A charger, reducing charging time by more than 50%.

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Derek Connell
Derek Connell
there is nothing more damaging than fast charging use the 2a that comes with most batteries
Hello I am interested in purchasing a e bike and was wondering if your chargers are compatible with all E bike batteries. Thank you

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